There's an unmistakable grace to watching a sunrise on a remote desert moon, knowing that you're the only living soul for hundreds of thousands of kilometers...

From its inception, Drake has always supported the spirit of freedom. That willingness to push the limits and defy the odds, and the belief that anyone and everyone deserves a shot at reaching the stars. As we look to a bright new future for our company, and a return to those core values, we also look to you, the pilots - the real backbone of the aerospace industry.

We asked you what you wanted. And you know what we heard? The true voice of Drake. The hard-working men and women of the UEE. Folks who just want to make an honest living, and maybe make a difference in their own unique way.

We here at Drake proudly salute this spirit as we unveil the Vulture, a light industrial salvage vessel that lets you do you. Rip wrecks apart like a pro without the cumbersome hardware and multi-crew rigmarole of a larger ship. Answer to no one, cut out the middleman, and throw caution to the wind. In a Vulture, you can pick up the lucrative scraps of larger operations, run the regular trade circuits fast and light, or hit the open sky and carve out your own place in the great big empty.

There's a certain beauty to the silent serenity of a ship graveyard, a calm comfort to a wreck suspended in the most secluded corner of the void. Sure it can get lonesome out there, but sometimes all you need is you. Well, you and your Drake Vulture.

Drake Vulture salvaging

Drake's proprietary Ripper utility mount is what makes the Vulture a self-sufficient salvage machine. Outfitted with fully-integrated industrial-grade tractor and scraper beam systems, let you rip and strip like a pro without leaving the comfort of your cockpit.

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