We were nearly fully loaded when we entered Quantum Space en-route to Lorona, 300 SCU of mining equipment and another 300 SCU of radiation meds and air purifiers, filling our cargo hold. The jump should have only taken us 45 minutes, however 23 minutes into the jump and our C2 Hercules (Destiny’s call) suddenly dropped from Quantum space. Alert klaxons wailed as the stresses on the engines were red lining, then we noticed it on our port side.

Half hidden behind a small asteroid, was the prow of a starfarer. It started to move out from the shadows towards us and Zen noticed it was painted in the colours of the pirate group ‘immortal legion’. Silly amateurs, I guess they expected some small-time trader running the route.

Destiny’s Call hasn’t been in service long, the actual design is only 6 months old so I don’t think this captain has seen one before. Otherwise he would know the C2 is by far more powerful, Zen controls two triple mounted turrets and I have two quad cannons.

They opened fire on us and I turned us about, heading directly parallel to them. Zen fired his turrets, stitching the side of their shields. The starfarer tried to evade but I stuck with him. All the while our turrets tracked and kept up the assault. I managed to get a few shots in myself, but it was zen who got the shots in to overload their shield matrix. Two salvos and their engines died.


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