The Razor’s Edge





Unlike MISC’s standard lines of commercial freighters, explorers and science vessels, the Razor was not constructed for the working pilot. Instead, it was designed with a singular purpose: place in the 2947 Murray Cup. Years of advanced aerospace design, consultation with Xi’An engineering partners and thousands of flight tests have produced a racing ship that burns faster for longer.

Featuring cutting edge fuel collections systems, minimal cross-section, sleek aerodynamic lines and proprietary Xi’An influenced thruster design, the Razor provides unparalleled speed with MISC dependability and endurance.







About the Razor

Previous Star Citizen racing ships have been designed with a dual role in mind or as adaptations of existing ships (the Mustang Gamma and 350R). The Razor was intended to be a racer from the skids up. Like the M50 interceptor, the Razor’s natural abilities will make it effective for speed-related missions off the racetrack … but unlike the M50, that was a completely secondary concern.

Want to learn more about the MISC Razor? You can find an in-universe brochure with details about the ship’s debut and role in a racing team below. Even if you aren’t interested in picking up a speedy new spacecraft, it’s a great artifact directly from Star Citizen’s universe for backers to explore.

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